Maranez Layan

And now, a review of Maranez Layan. After over a month of active wear,  we can make some conclusions.

First, the disadvantages.

The strap, although fairly high quality and soft, in hot weather it actively «paints» the wrist, leaving a black stripe on the skin. Yes, it’s understandable, the economy, the straps at the quality level of «Tata» are only logical on watches from «Tata», but not on a «branded» product. But besides this, nothing happened with the strap: the strings are in place and there aren’t any scuffs.

Moving on. The Maranez inscription on the dial is really hard to see, and not only in sunny weather. And the letters themselves are ridiculously small in comparison to the numbers.

Now about the good things.

I don’t want to repeat, but — the main advantages are the same: price, appearance, equipment and specifications. In regard to everyday wear, there are absolutely no problems. It doesn’t get scratched, even on the softer case. Massive, heavy but — surprisingly comfortable. Catches the eye without raising questions «What is this Marine Military»: thanks to the lack of pins. The enormous crown, just like I thought, doesn’t bring any discomfort. In contrary, it’s actually one of the distinctive things about this watch. It holds its charge for around a day and a half, but I didn’t test it thoroughly. Accuracy – well given the lack of the second hand and the large arrows…it’s normal, at least in comparison with the readings of a cell phone for a day differences weren’t noticed. They are definitely there, but, as I said, the «fat» hands conceal small inaccuracies.

The conclusions. It can’t be said that Maranez is definitely a must have. This watch is not for everybody. However, for the price they give a lot of joy and fans of this form factor will be very difficult to pass them by them. Alas, the model is completely sold out. We have no information on the possibility of new releases.

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