Christopher Ward

Den ( I remember two years ago when I bought my first Christopher Ward watch (C70 Rosso Corsa), CW was quite a small company. Since then, the model range has grown dramatically. Now you are producing several models of price range «above average». And you are selling 20000+ watches a year. What’s next?

Chris Ward: International expansion is high on our agenda, we want to offer websites that are in different languages and trade in more currencies so that the buying experience for the customer is that much easier.

Den: Who are the main competitors of CW?

Chris Ward: We see all luxury end watches as competition, and this not only applies to Swiss made, but also German , Japanese etc.

Den: And what are the main goals of the company?

Chris Ward: To continue to develop an offer that offers truly great value for our customers relative to the rest of the market. To maintain our no-middlemen approach and strengthen our supply customer service ethic and supply chain.

Den: Expensive models are used to raise the status (but remain in the segment up to 500-600 pounds), or CW wants to enter the luxury segment?

Chris Ward: We consider we are already in the luxury segment… a watch that we sell for 2450 with any other Swiss brand on the dial would cost at least 5 times that… it is the product not the price tag that determines whether it is a luxury item or not.

Den: Or, it is a demonstration that you can do complex watches for affordable prices?

Chris Ward: We certainly demonstrate that with our more complex models… the jumping hour and single pusher for example. But we also demonstrate it at the lower end at 300 to 500 £ our watches are every bit as good as some other Swiss brands that are considered in the luxury market…. I wouldn’t get too hung up on price.

Den: Are you planning to open offices in other countries?

Chris Ward: In time that may happen… for the short term we will strengthen in Switzerland and the UK.

Den: What about your own movements?

Chris Ward: That would be interesting wouldn’t it… If I told you our plans here I probably have to kill you.

Den: Asian movements?

Chris Ward: At the moment we believe that Swiss movements are still by far the best, however if there was an Asian development that we liked we would consider it… at the moment nothing appeals…neither Chinese or Japanese. We certainly would not get into the game of adapting Chinese movements and calling them Swiss made… other brands may not have morals .. but we do.

Den: By the way, will we see a «Made in England» title on your watches?

Chris Ward: Maybe ….but probably not I my lifetime… I don’t believe that screwing down the back plate in a town in England of a watch that still has a Swiss movement inside should be allowed to be called made in England…. Designed in England …yes, or Brand name of England yes, … but made in England… come on!.. who are we trying to kid.

Den: Please some words about next models.

Chris Ward: We have just released a very successful clutch of motor sport watches including the new Bluebird… these are very exciting and until we released the Jumping Hour MK2 were some of the fastest sellers we ever had.


Den: And the last one. What new C9 Jumping Hour means to you?

Chris Ward: The new Jumping hour however since its launch has taken over and I fear we will not be able to keep up with demand. However as it is a limited edition of only 250 pieces… we will eventually catch up. Not that we are complaining of course! Best regards and luck with your site.


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