Techne Harrier Ref. 392

Techne Harrier Ref. 392

With us we have one of the most recent models of Techne Instruments (the interview with the founder of the company can be read here). The model is a Harrier Ref. 392.02 GB with a nylon strap.

Quartz watch with a diameter of 41 mm (full dimensions of: 41 * 51 * 11.1 mm) with  sapphire glass. Has water resistance of 5 ATM and a price of $ 265.

The company is located in Switzerland, respectively, the clock is sent by mail from there. The Production is done by outsourcing, but the testing and packaging are carried out in Switzerland.

The company’s owner, Mr. Frank, is a very rigorous and meticulous man.

During a conversation with him, you’ll understand  that he will never lie about any features on his watch. If he says it has «water resistance up to 50m», then it definitively holds up to 50m and the watch was really tested with compliance to the ISO standards. This is not some know manufacturer that only indicates characteristics as formality separated from reality, were in the end we get a model in which water leaks in from a puddle while it says its water resistant up to 300m.

And so, the precise engineering approach is visible in every detail. We open the box with the package.


Inside — a cross between a watch catalog, instructions on the characteristics of watches and a manual for travelers. Very interesting and useful material, made in a characteristic army style.

Let’s continue. The case for the watch is lightweight, so its convenient to travel with. It isn’t some bulky box that you immediately shove inside a closet and forger about until the time that you decide to sell the watch rolls by. No, is visible that they’re counting for the case to be convenient. Like a Maranez, for example.

IMG_4424 IMG_4423

This is the first time I see a quartz watch being sent with an extended crown! This is a real care about the product. In this case, between the crown and the case was a small plastic shield.


The watch is gorgeous, very unusual and it attracts the eye. Almost everyone is interested in who the manufacturer is, and many ask what the arrows on the sundials mean. We talk about this further down. For now — the disadvantages.

And so, what are the disadvantages? There are practically none. But in my opinion, the watch is lacking a good aviator leather strap. Still, the NATO strap is considered good in the database, but only as an addition really.

And now, the good things.

  1. Very good manufacturing on the case
  2. Quite useful booklet as a bonus with the purchase. I wonder why more manufacturers of these military «type» watches don’t do this.


  1. The large date window. This is one of the main features of the watch! I’m rather tired of large watches with a ridiculously small date window that is almost invisible. And if your vision isn’t great it’s generally a useless component. And these watches are used by pilots and drivers… It’s just absurd. Techne has very interestingly solved the problem of the small date — they made it two wheels with numbers, one below the other. On one — the numbers go from 1 to 15, on the other — from 16 to 31. The moment the 15th day ends, the first wheel is replaced by the second. Simple and genius, and most importantly, convenient.


  1. The retro-scale second time zone. It’s located at the «6» mark. It looks pretty interesting, reinforcing the resemblance between watches and aviation instruments. As soon as the hand comes to the mark 24, it jumps back to one. There is also another indicator — the so-called «army time», the 24-hour indicator at the «9» mark.


As for the phosphorescence, it’s quite decent. The watch, of course, doesn’t light up like a lamp like the ones from Seiko do. Which, sometimes can be too bright, like for example when your eyes are tired.

Summary: we have original watches with an unusual design. This watch isn’t for everyone.  For lovers of aviation watches and «army» watches — it’s just the thing.  For those that don’t like large diameters: the one here is a medium, only 41 mm. The watch is light, also counting the NATO strap. In its whole, watch is comfortable and looks really good.  The crown is also quite convenient and the price is fair. Oh, and for those who need a larger date window- it’s a strong buy!

IMG_4463 IMG_4459IMG_4444 IMG_4445IMG_4474 IMG_4471IMG_4477 IMG_4476

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  • Часы очень интересные! Следует добавить, сапфир, сатинированный корпус. Кварц, кстати, удобная штука)


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